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Jahrgang 2005

Abramjuk C., Jung K., Krell H.W., Juchem R., Peters R., Taymoorian K., Staack A., Stephan C., Schnorr J., Loening S.A. & Lein M.:
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor Ro 28-2653 in combination with estramustine: tumor-reducing effects on hormone-sensitive prostate cancer in rats.
Anti-Cancer Drug: 16(8) 855-61, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Andresen V., Bach D.R., Poellinger A., Tsrouya C., Stroh A., Foerschler A., Georgiewa P., Zimmer C. & Mönnikes H.:
Brain activation responses to subliminal or supraliminal rectal stimuli and to auditory stimuli in irritable bowel syndrome.
Neurogastroent Motil: 17(6) 827-37, Jahr: "2005"
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Asbach P., Klessen C., Kroencke T.J., Kluner C., Stemmer A., Hamm B. & Taupitz M.:
Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography using a free-breathing T2-weighted turbo spin-echo sequence with navigator-triggered prospective acquisition correction.
Magn Reson Imaging: 23(9) 939-45, Jahr: "2005"
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Baraliakos X., Hermann K.G., Landewé R., Listing J., Golder W., Brandt J., Rudwaleit M., Bollow M., Sieper J., van der Heijde D. & Braun J.:
Assessment of acute spinal inflammation in patients with ankylosing spondylitis by magnetic resonance imaging: a comparison between contrast enhanced T1 and short tau inversion recovery (STIR) sequences.
Ann Rheum Dis: 64(8) 1141-4, Jahr: "2005"
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Beyersdorff D. & Hamm B.:
[MRI for troubleshooting detection of prostate cancer]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 177(6) 788-95, Jahr: "2005"
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Beyersdorff D., Winkel A., Hamm B., Lenk S., Loening S.A. & Taupitz M.:
MR imaging-guided prostate biopsy with a closed MR unit at 1.5 T: initial results.
Radiology: 234(2) 576-81, Jahr: "2005"
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Beyersdorff D., Taymoorian K., Knösel T., Schnorr D., Felix R., Hamm B. & Bruhn H.:
MRI of Prostate Cancer at 1.5 and 3.0 T: Comparison of Image Quality in Tumor Detection and Staging.
Am J Roentgenol: 185(5) 1214-1220, Jahr: "2005"
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Biering H., Bohner G. & Strasburger C.J.:
[Autoimmune hypophysitis.]
Deut Med Wochenschr: 130(49) 2826-8, Jahr: "2005"
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Bohner G., Masuhr F., Distl R., Katchanov J., Klingebiel R., Zschenderlein R., von Deimling A. & van Landeghem F.K.:
Pilocytic astrocytoma presenting as primary diffuse leptomeningeal gliomatosis: report of a unique case and review of the literature.
Acta Neuropathol: - -, Jahr: "2005"
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Bollow M., Hermann K.G., Biedermann T., Sieper J., Schöntube M. & Braun J.:
Very early spondyloarthritis: where the inflammation in the sacroiliac joints starts.
Ann Rheum Dis: 64(11) 1644-6, Jahr: "2005"
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Bösel J., Klingebiel R. & Schielke E.:
HIV-associated neurosyphilis mimicking acoustic neurinoma.
J Neurol: - -, Jahr: "2005"
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Breitwieser C., Asbach P., Sachs M., Rogalla P. & Rodenwaldt J.:
Posterior "nutcracker" phenomenon: hemodynamic relevant aorto-retroaortal renal vein fistula leading to fatal right heart failure.
Acta Radiol: Apr;46(2) 193-5, Jahr: "2005"
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Busch M.H., Vollmann W., Schnorr J. & Grönemeyer D.H.:
Finite volume analysis of temperature effects induced by active MRI implants with cylindrical symmetry: 1. Properly working devices.
Biomed Eng Online: 4(1) 25, Jahr: "2005"
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Busch M., Vollmann W., Bertsch T., Wetzler R., Bornstedt A., Schnackenburg B., Schnorr J., Kivelitz D., Taupitz M. & Grönemeyer D.:
On the heating of inductively coupled resonators (stents) during MRI examinations.
Magnet Reson Med: 54(4) 775-782, Jahr: "2005"
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Choi H.K., Yessayan D., Choi H.J., Schellenberger E., Bogdanov A., Josephson L., Weissleder R. & Ntziachristos V.:
Quantitative analysis of chemotherapeutic effects in tumors using in vivo staining and correlative histology.
Cell Oncol: 27(3) 183-90, Jahr: "2005"
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Dewey M., Müller M., Teige F. & Hamm B.:
Evaluation of a semiautomatic software tool for left ventricular function analysis with 16-slice computed tomography.
Eur Radiol: - -, Jahr: "2005"
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Dewey M.:
Evaluation of a semiautomatic software tool for left ventricular function analysis with 16-slice computed tomography.
Eur Radiol: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Dewey M. & Dübel H.P.:
Coronary collaterals.
Eur Heart J: 26(23) 2595, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Eddicks S. & Hamm B.:
Images in cardiology: Armoured heart.
Heart: 91(10) 1256, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Diekmann F., Diekmann S., Jeunehomme F., Muller S., Hamm B. & Bick U.:
Digital mammography using iodine-based contrast media: initial clinical experience with dynamic contrast medium enhancement.
Invest Radiol: 40(7) 397-404, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Dreier J.P., Jurkat-Rott K., Petzold G.C., Tomkins O., Klingebiel R., Kopp U.A., Lehmann-Horn F., Friedman A. & Dichgans M.:
Opening of the blood-brain barrier preceding cortical edema in a severe attack of FHM type II.
Neurology: 64(12) 2145-7, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Dübel H.P., Gliech V., Borges A., Dewey M., Kivelitz D. & Rutsch W.:
Images in cardiovascular medicine. Singular coronary artery aneurysm: imaging with coronary angiography versus 16-slice computed tomography, transesophageal echocardiography, and magnetic resonance tomography.
Circulation: 111(2) e12-3, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Elgeti T., Proquitté H., Rogalla N.E., Mews J., Wauer R., Hamm B., Schmalisch G. & Rogalla P.:
Dynamic computed tomography of the neonatal lung: volume calculations and validation in an animal model.
Invest Radiol: 40(12) 761-765, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Fischer T., Ebeling V., Giessing M., Mühler M., Filimonow S., Dieckhöfer J., Lembcke A., Rudolph J., Morgera S., Budde K., Hamm B. & Thomas A.:
[A new method for standardized diagnosis following renal transplantation Ultrasound with contrast enhancement.]
Urologe A: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Freund T., Fischbach F., Teichgraeber U., Haenninen E.L., Eichstaedt H., Felix R. & Ricke J.:
Effect of dose on image quality in a detector-based dual-exposure, dual-energy system for chest radiography.
Acta Radiol: 46(1) 41-7, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Gemeinhardt O., Lüdemann L., Prochnow D., Abramjuk C., Taupitz M., Hamm B. & Beyersdorff D.:
Differentiation of prostate cancer from normal prostate tissue in an animal model: conventional MRI and dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI.
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 177(7) 935-9, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Hein E., Albrecht A., Melzer D., Steinhöfel K., Rogalla P., Hamm B. & Taupitz M.:
Computer-assisted diagnosis of focal liver lesions on CT images evaluation of the perceptron algorithm.(1).
Acad Radiol: 12(9) 1205-10, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Hein P.A., Gladstone D.J., Bellerive M.R. & Hug E.B.:
Importance of protocol target definition on the ability to spare normal tissue: An IMRT and 3D-CRT planning comparison for intraorbital tumors.
Int J Radiat Oncol: 62(5) 1540-8, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Hermann K.G., Althoff C.E., Schneider U., Zühlsdorf S., Lembcke A., Hamm B. & Bollow M.:
Spinal changes in patients with spondyloarthritis: comparison of MR imaging and radiographic appearances.
Radiographics: 25(3) 559-69; discussion 569-70, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Hermann K.G., Landewé R.B., Braun J. & van der Heijde D.M.:
Magnetic resonance imaging of inflammatory lesions in the spine in ankylosing spondylitis clinical trials: is paramagnetic contrast medium necessary?
J Rheumatol: 32(10) 2056-60, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Hiller K.H., Faber C., Neuberger T., Köhler S., Stroh A., Zimmer C. & Jakob P.:
[Magnetic resonance tomography: potentials of molecular imaging]
Z Med Phys: 15(3) 155-62, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Katchanov J., Bohner G., Könneker M., Kopp U., Izadpanah K., Larmann E., Klingebiel R., van Landeghem F., Masuhr F. & Zschenderlein R.:
[Sporadic cerebral amyloid angiopathy with ischemic leukoencephalopathy and microbleeds Ursache eines rasch progredienten demenziellen Syndroms.]
Nervenarzt: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Katchanov J., Doepp F., Borges A.C., Bohner G., Klingebiel R., Ziemer S., Masuhr F. & Zschenderlein R.:
[Adenocarcinoma-associated nonbacterial thrombotic endocarditis as the cause of recurrent strokes]
Nervenarzt: 76(4) 471-474, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Klessen C., Asbach P., Kroencke T.J., Fischer T., Warmuth C., Stemmer A., Hamm B. & Taupitz M.:
Magnetic resonance imaging of the upper abdomen using a free-breathing T2-weighted turbo spin echo sequence with navigator triggered prospective acquisition correction.
J Magn Reson Imaging: 21(5) 576-82, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Klingebiel R., Masuhr F., Rogalla P., Hein E., Juran R., Bauknecht H.C. & Bohner G.:
[Multislice computed tomographic myelography.]
Nervenarzt: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Kluner C., Fischer T., Filimonow S., Hamm B. & Kröncke T.:
[Endovenous treatment of primary varicose veins: an effective and safe therapeutic alternative to stripping?]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 177(2) 179-87, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Kluner C., Kivelitz D., Rogalla P., Putzier M., Hamm B. & Enzweiler C.:
Percutaneous discography: comparison of low-dose CT, fluoroscopy and MRI in the diagnosis of lumbar disc disruption.
Eur Spine J: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Kluner C., Rogalla P., Gralla O., Elgeti T., Hamm B. & Kroencke T.:
Value of dual-phase multislice CT prior to minimally invasive therapy of iatrogenic renal injuries.
J Endovasc Ther: 12(4) 461-8, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Konertz W., Dohmen P.M., Liu J., Beholz S., Dushe S., Posner S., Lembcke A. & Erdbrügger W.:
Hemodynamic characteristics of the Matrix P decellularized xenograft for pulmonary valve replacement during the Ross operation.
J Heart Valve Dis: 14(1) 78-81, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Krause U., Kroencke T., Spielhaupter E., Taupitz M., Kenn W., Hamm B. & Hahn D.:
Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography of the lower extremities: standard-dose vs. high-dose gadodiamide injection.
J Magn Reson Imaging: 21(4) 449-54, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Kroencke T.J.:
MRI for Diagnosis of Adenomyosis: Unsung and Underutilized.
Gynecol Obstet Inves: 60(3) 154, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Kröncke T.J., Gauruder-Burmester A., Scheurig C., Gronewold M., Klüner C., Fischer T., Klessen C., Rudolph J., Siara K., Zimmermann E. & Hamm B.:
[Transarterial embolization for uterine fibroids: clinical success rate and results of magnetic resonance imaging]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 177(1) 89-98, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Krug L.
[Hyperdontia--diagnosis in the increased sight of spiral C
Rofo. 2005 Feb;177(2):281-2. German. No abstract available.
PubMed Link

Landewé R.B., Hermann K.G., van der Heijde D.M., Baraliakos X., Jurik A.G., Lambert R.G., Østergaard M., Rudwaleit M., Salonen D.C. & Braun J.:
Scoring sacroiliac joints by magnetic resonance imaging. A multiple-reader reliability experiment.
J Rheumatol: 32(10) 2050-5, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lawaczeck R., Arkadiev V., Diekmann F. & Krumrey M.:
Monochromatic x-rays in digital mammography.
Invest Radiol: 40(1) 33-9, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Borges A.C., Dushe S., Dohmen P.M., Wiese T.H., Rogalla P., Hermann K.G., Hamm B. & Enzweiler C.N.:
Assessment of mitral valve regurgitation at electron-beam CT: comparison with Doppler echocardiography.
Radiology: 236(1) 47-55, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Dohmen P.M., Dewey M., Klessen C., Elgeti T., Hermann K.G., Konertz W.F., Hamm B. & Kivelitz D.E.:
Multislice computed tomography for preoperative evaluation of right ventricular volumes and function: comparison with magnetic resonance imaging.
Ann Thorac Surg: 79(4) 1344-51, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Dohmen P.M., Wiese T.H., Kivelitz D.E., Rogalla P., Dewey M., Klessen C., Hamm B., Konertz W.F. & Enzweiler C.N.:
[Surgery of congestive heart failure -- the role of computed tomography in the pre- and postsurgical diagnostic evaluation]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 177(7) 946-54, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Koch C., Dohmen P.M., Rutsch W., Abbara S., Krug L.D., Muehler M.R. & Rogalla P.:
Electrocardiographic-gated multislice computed tomography for visualization of cardiac morphology in congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries.
J Comput Assist Tomo: 29(2) 234-7, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Rogalla P. & Dohmen P.M.:
Images in cardiology: Coronary artery stenosis caused by an aortic root abscess.
Heart: 91(10) 1302, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lisanti C.J., Asbach P. & Bradley W.G.:
The ependymal "Dot-Dash" sign: an MR imaging finding of early multiple sclerosis.
Am J Neuroradiol: 26(8) 2033-6, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Loddenkemper K., Enzweiler C., Loddenkemper C., Backhaus M., Burmester G.R. & Buttgereit F.:
Granulomatous synovialitis with erosions in the shoulder joint: a rare case of polyarthritis caused by Mycobacterium kansasii.
Ann Rheum Dis: 64(7) 1088-90, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lüdtke A., Genschel J., Brabant G., Bauditz J., Taupitz M., Koch M., Wermke W., Worman H.J. & Schmidt H.H.:
Hepatic steatosis in Dunnigan-type familial partial lipodystrophy.
Am J Gastroenterol: 100(10) 2218-24, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Mühler M.R.:
Can intrauterine devices actually be considered safe at 3-T MR imaging?
Radiology: 235(2) 709, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Mühler M., Schulz R., Schmidt S., Schmeling A. & Reisinger W.:
The influence of slice thickness on assessment of clavicle ossification in forensic age diagnostics.
Int J Legal Med: - 1-3, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Mühler M. & Taupitz M.:
[How safe is magnetic resonance imaging in patients with contraceptive implants?]
Radiologe: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Lemke AJ, Chopra SS, Niehues SM, Felix R.
[Ultrasound contrast agents for liver diagnostics]
Radiologe. 2005 Jun;45(6):520-8. Review. German.
PubMed Link

Papazoglou S., Braun J., Hamhaber U. & Sack I.:
Two-dimensional waveform analysis in MR elastography of skeletal muscles.
Phys Med Biol: 50(6) 1313-25, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Petzold G.C., Stiepani H., Klingebiel R. & Zschenderlein R.:
Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.
Eur J Neurol: 12(9) 735-6, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Prochnow D., Beyersdorff D., Warmuth C., Taupitz M., Gemeinhardt O. & Lüdemann L.:
Implementation of a rapid inversion-prepared dual-contrast gradient echo sequence for quantitative dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the human prostate.
Magn Reson Imaging: 23(10) 983-90, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Rogalla P., Lembcke A., Rückert J.C., Hein E., Bollow M., Rogalla N.E. & Hamm B.:
Spasmolysis at CT colonography: butyl scopolamine versus glucagon.
Radiology: 236(1) 184-8, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Rosol M., Sachdev K., Enzweiler C.N., Kwait D.C., Millea R., Titus J., Handwerker J., Wicky S., Achenbach S., Brady T.J. & Hoffmann U.:
A Novel Model to Test Accuracy and Reproducibility of MDCT Scan Protocols for Coronary Calcium in Vivo.
Int J Cardiovasc Imaging: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Röttgen R., Fischbach F., Plotkin M., Herzog H., Freund T., Schröder R.J. & Felix R.:
Colon dissection: a new three-dimensional reconstruction tool for computed tomography colonography.
Acta Radiol: 46(3) 222-6, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Röttgen R., Fischbach F., Plotkin M., Lorenz M., Freund T., Schröder R.J. & Felix R.R.:
CT colonography using different reconstruction modi.
Clin Imag: 29(3) 195-9, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Rudolph J., Switala A. & Rogalla P.:
[Submucosal lipoma of the cecum with chronic ileocecal invagination]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 177(10) 1451-2, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Scheel A.K., Hermann K.G., Kahler E., Pasewaldt D., Fritz J., Hamm B., Brunner E., Müller G.A., Burmester G.R. & Backhaus M.:
A novel ultrasonographic synovitis scoring system suitable for analyzing finger joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.
Arth Rheum/Ar C Res: 52(3) 733-43, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Scheel A.K., Hermann K.G., Ohrndorf S., Werner C., Schirmer C., Detert J., Bollow M., Hamm B., Müller G.A., Burmester G.R. & Backhaus M.:
Prospective long term follow-up imaging study comparing radiography, ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging in rheumatoid arthritis finger joints.
Ann Rheum Dis: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Scheel A.K., Schmidt W.A., Hermann K.G., Bruyn G.A., D'Agostino M.A., Grassi W., Iagnocco A., Koski J.M., Machold K.P., Naredo E., Sattler H., Swen N., Szkudlarek M., Wakefield R.J., Ziswiler H.R., Pasewaldt D., Werner C. & Backhaus M.:
Interobserver reliability of rheumatologists performing musculoskeletal ultrasonography: results from a EULAR "Train the trainers" course.
Ann Rheum Dis: 64(7) 1043-9, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Schellenberger E.:
[Applications of optical imaging]
Z Med Phys: 15(3) 187-91, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Schmidt B., Liebers U., Kröncke T., Enzweiler C. & Witt C.:
[Treatment of pulmonary bleeding]
Deut Med Wochenschr: 130(9) 453-6, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Schmidt B., Liebers U., Kröncke T., John M. & Witt C.:
[Bronchial artery embolisation using platinum coils in 52 patients with severe pulmonary hemorrage.]
Deut Med Wochenschr: 130(9) 440-3, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Schreiber S.J., Doepp F., Klingebiel R. & Valdueza J.M.:
Internal jugular vein valve incompetence and intracranial venous anatomy in transient global amnesia.
J Neurol Neurosur Ps: 76(4) 509-13, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Schrom T., Bauknecht H., Berghaus A. & Scherer H.:
[Effects of magnetic resonance imaging fields on upper eyelid implants]
HNO: 53(8) 741-6, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Schulz R., Mühler M., Mutze S., Schmidt S., Reisinger W. & Schmeling A.:
Studies on the time frame for ossification of the medial epiphysis of the clavicle as revealed by CT scans.
Int J Legal Med: 119(3) 142-5, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Sell M., Klingebiel R., Di Iorio G. & Sampaolo S.:
Primary cerebral toxoplasmosis: a rare case of ventriculitis and hydrocephalus in AIDS.
Clin Neuropathol: 24(3) 106-11, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Sell M., Sander B. & Klingebiel R.:
Ventriculitis and hydrocephalus as the primary manifestation of cerebral toxoplasmosis associated with AIDS.
J Neurol: 252(2) 234-6, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

S. Haufe, D. Prochnow, D. Schneider, O. Geier, D. Freude & U. Stimming:
Polyphosphate composites: conductivity and NMR studies
Solid State Ionics: 176(9-10) 955-963, Jahr: "2005"

Skaane P., Balleyguier C., Diekmann F., Diekmann S., Piguet J.C., Young K. & Niklason L.T.:
Breast Lesion Detection and Classification: Comparison of Screen-Film Mammography and Full-Field Digital Mammography with Soft-copy Reading--Observer Performance Study.
Radiology: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Sosnovik D.E., Schellenberger E.A., Nahrendorf M., Novikov M.S., Matsui T., Dai G., Reynolds F., Grazette L., Rosenzweig A., Weissleder R. & Josephson L.:
Magnetic resonance imaging of cardiomyocyte apoptosis with a novel magneto-optical nanoparticle.
Magnet Reson Med: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Speck U., Scheller B., Abramjuk C. & Bernhardt U.:
Drug delivery by angiographic contrast media: inhibition of restenosis.
Acad Radiol: 12 Suppl 1 S14-7, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Stroh A., Faber C., Neuberger T., Lorenz P., Sieland K., Jakob P.M., Webb A., Pilgrimm H., Schober R., Pohl E.E. & Zimmer C.:
In vivo detection limits of magnetically labeled embryonic stem cells in the rat brain using high-field (17.6 T) magnetic resonance imaging.
Neuroimage: 24(3) 635-45. Epub 2004 Nov 24., Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Trendelenburg G., Katchanov J., Masuhr F., Klingebiel R. & Zschenderlein R.:
White matter lesions in a young HIV-positive immunocompetent patient without cerebrovascular risc factors due to an ICA-thrombus.
J Neurol: Jul 18; [Epub ahead of print] -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Tunn R., Goldammer K., Gauruder-Burmester A., Wildt B. & Beyersdorff D.:
Pathogenesis of urethral funneling in women with stress urinary incontinence assessed by introital ultrasound.
Ultrasound Obst Gyn: 26(3) 287-92, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Tunn R., Goldammer K., Neymeyer J., Gauruder-Burmester A., Hamm B. & Beyersdorff D.:
MRI morphology of the levator ani muscle, endopelvic fascia, and urethra in women with stress urinary incontinence.
Eur J Obstet Gyn R B: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Tunn R., Rieprich M., Kaufmann O., Gauruder-Burmester A. & Beyersdorff D.:
Morphology of the suburethral pubocervical fascia in women with stress urinary incontinence: a comparison of histologic and MRI findings.
Int Urogynecol J Pel: - 35-53, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

van der Heijde D.M., Landewé R.B., Hermann K.G., Jurik A.G., Maksymowych W.P., Rudwaleit M., O'Connor P.J. & Braun J.:
Application of the OMERACT filter to scoring methods for magnetic resonance imaging of the sacroiliac joints and the spine. Recommendations for a research agenda at OMERACT 7.
J Rheumatol: 32(10) 2042-7, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Voderholzer W.A., Beinhoelzl J., Rogalla P., Murrer S., Schachschal G., Lochs H. & Ortner M.A.:
Small bowel involvement in Crohn's disease: a prospective comparison of wireless capsule endoscopy and computed tomography enteroclysis.
Gut: 54(3) 369-73, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Walter M., Rogalla P., Spies C., Kox W.J. & Volk T.:
[Intrathecal misplacement of an interscalene plexus catheter.]
Anaesthesist: - -, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Warmuth C, Ruping M, Forschler A, Koennecke HC, Valdueza JM, Kauert A, Schreiber SJ, Siekmann R, Zimmer C.
Dynamic spin labeling angiography in extracranial carotid artery
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2005 May;26(5):1035-43
PubMed Link

Weichert W., Denkert C., Gauruder-Burmester A., Kurzeja R., Hamm B., Dietel M. & Kroencke T.J.:
Uterine arterial embolization with tris-acryl gelatin microspheres: a histopathologic evaluation.
Am J Surg Pathol: 29(7) 955-961, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Wiemker R., Rogalla P., Blaffert T., Sifri D., Hay O., Shah E., Truyen R. & Fleiter T.:
Aspects of computer-aided detection (CAD) and volumetry of pulmonary nodules using multislice CT.
Brit J Radiol: 78 Spec No 1 S46-56, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

Wunder A., Schellenberger E., Mahmood U., Bogdanov A., Müller-Ladner U., Weissleder R. & Josephson L.:
Methotrexate-induced accumulation of fluorescent annexin V in collagen-induced arthritis.
Mol Imaging: 4(1) 1-6, Jahr: "2005"
PubMed Link

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