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Jahrgang 2003

Asbach P. & Nerlich M.:
A telemedicine guideline for the practice of teleconsultation.
Stud Health Technol Inform: 97 1-14, Jahr: "2003"
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Beyersdorff D., Darsow U., Stephan C., Schnorr D., Loening S. & Taupitz M.:
[MRI of prostate cancer using three different coil systems: image quality, tumor detection, and staging]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175 (6) 799-805, Jahr: "2003"
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Blobel J., Baartman H., Rogalla P., Mews J. & Lembcke A.:
[Spatial and temporal resolution with 16-slice computed tomography for cardiac imaging]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175 1264-1271, Jahr: "2003"
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Bohner G., Forschler A., Hamm B., Lehmann R. & Klingebiel R.:
[Quantitative perfusion imaging by multi-slice CT in stroke patients]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(6) 806-13., Jahr: "2003"
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Braun J., Braun K. & Sack I.:
Electromagnetic actuator for generating variably oriented shear waves in MR elastography.
Magnet Reson Med: 50(1) 220-2, Jahr: "2003"
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Dewey M.:
Studentsapos; evaluation of research during medical studies: medical dissertation in Germany.
Med Educ: 37(3) 278, Jahr: "2003"
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Dewey M.:
Clinical research in Europe.
Lancet: 361(9361) 972., Jahr: "2003"

Dewey M. & Hamm B.:
[Cost-effectiveness in diagnosis of coronary artery disease]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(6) 749-51, Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Schonenberger E. & Zimmermann E.:
[Peer-education workshop on research during medical studies. Results of a survey among participants]
Med Klin: 98(8) 424-7., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Dewey M. & Taupitz M.:
[Coronary angiography by magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography]
Deut Med Wochenschr: 128(1-2) 33-5., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Diekmann F., Diekmann S., Berzeg S., Bick U., Fischer T. & Hamm B.:
[Dose reduction through gridless technique in digital full-field mammography]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(6) 769-74., Jahr: "2003"
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Diekmann F., Diekmann S., Taupitz M., Bick U., Winzer K.J., Huttner C., Muller S., Jeunehomme F. & Hamm B.:
Use of iodine-based contrast media in digital full-field mammography--initial experience.
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(3) 342-5., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Diekmann S., Bick U., von Heyden H. & Diekmann F.:
[Visualization of microcalcifications on mammographies obtained by digital full-field mammography in comparison to conventional film-screen mammography]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(6) 775-9., Jahr: "2003"
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Enzweiler C.N., Wiese T.H., Lembcke A.E., Hotz H., Kivelitz D.E., Baerisch A., Taupitz M., Borges A.C., Baumann G., Konertz W. & Hamm B.:
Effect of partial left ventriculectomy on left and right ventricular volumes and function as assessed with electron beam tomography: preliminary results.
Eur Radiol: 13(6) 1394-401., Jahr: "2003"
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Enzweiler C.N., Wiese T.H., Petersein J., Lembcke A.E., Borges A.C., Dohmen P., Hoffmann U. & Hamm B.:
Diameter changes of occluded venous coronary artery bypass grafts in electron beam tomography: preliminary findings.
Eur J Cardio-Thorac: 23(3) 347-53., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Fischer T., Biedermann T., Hermann K.G., Diekmann F., Braun J., Hamm B. & Bollow M.:
[Sacroiliitis in children with spondyloarthropathy: therapeutic effect of CT-Guided intra-articular corticosteroid injection]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(6) 814-21., Jahr: "2003"
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Fischer T., Muhler M., Beyersdorff D., Guski H., Bollow M., Hamm B., Werbs M. & Filimonow S.:
[Use of state-of-the-art ultrasound techniques in diagnosing sarcoidosis of the salivary glands (Heerfordt's syndrome)]
HNO: 51(5) 394-9., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Forster U., Klingebiel R., Schulte Overberg U., Sarioglu N. & Lehmann R.:
[Langerhans cell histiocytosis: petrosal remodelling after chemotherapy]
Laryngo Rhino Otol: 82(3) 166-70., Jahr: "2003"
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Hamm B.:
Multi-detector CT of the abdomen.
Eur Radiol: 13 Suppl 5 M25, Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Hein P.A., Kremser C., Judmaier W., Griebel J., Pfeiffer K.P., Kreczy A., Hug E.B., Lukas P. & DeVries A.F.:
Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for monitoring diffusion changes in rectal carcinoma during combined, preoperative chemoradiation: preliminary results of a prospective study.
Eur J Radiol: 45(3) 214-22., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Hein P.A., Kremser C., Judmaier W., Griebel J., Rudisch A., Pfeiffer K.P., Hug E.B., Lukas P. & DeVries A.F.:
[Diffusion-weighted MRI--a new parameter for advanced rectal carcinoma?]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(3) 381-6., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Hermann K.G., Backhaus M., Schneider U., Labs K., Loreck D., Zühlsdorf S., Schink T., Fischer T., Hamm B. & Bollow M.:
Rheumatoid arthritis of the shoulder joint: comparison of conventional radiography, ultrasound, and dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.
Arth Rheum/Ar C Res: 48(12) 3338-49, Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Hosten N., Stier A., Weigel C., Kirsch M., Puls R., Nerger U., Jahn D., Stroszczynski C., Heidecke C.D. & Speck U.:
[Laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT) of lung metastases: description of a miniaturized applicator, optimization, and initial treatment of patients]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(3) 393-400, Jahr: "2003"
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Kivelitz D.E., Dohmen P.M., Lembcke A., Kroencke T.J., Klingebiel R., Hamm B., Konertz W. & Taupitz M.:
Visualization of the pulmonary valve using cine MR imaging.
Acta Radiol: 44(2) 172-6., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Kivelitz D., Wagner S., Schnorr J., Wetzler R., Busch M., Melzer A., Taupitz M. & Hamm B.:
A vascular stent as an active component for locally enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: initial in vivo imaging results after catheter-guided placement in rabbits.
Invest Radiol: 38(3) 147-52., Jahr: "2003"
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Kroencke T.J., Gauruder-Burmester A., Enzweiler C.N., Taupitz M. & Hamm B.:
Disintegration and stepwise expulsion of a large uterine leiomyoma with restoration of the uterine architecture after successful uterine fibroid embolization: case report.
Hum Reprod: 18(4) 863-5., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Kröncke T.J. & Hamm B.:
[Role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in establishing the indication for, planning, and following up uterine artery embolization (UAE) for treating symptomatic leiomyomas of the uterus]
Radiologe: 43(8) 624-33, Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Lawaczeck R., Diekmann F., Diekmann S., Hamm B., Bick U., Press W.R., Schirmer H., Schon K. & Weinmann H.J.:
New contrast media designed for x-ray energy subtraction imaging in digital mammography.
Invest Radiol: 38(9) 602-8., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Borges A.C., Dohmen P.M. & Enzweiler C.N.:
Cardiac involvement in a bronchial carcinoma. Demonstrated by contrast-enhanced electron-beam computed tomography.
Tex Heart I J: 30(4) 340-1, Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Dohmen P., Rodenwaldt J., Kopka L., Mews J. & Rogalla P.:
Images in cardiovascular medicine. Recoarctation of the aorta associated with ascending aortic aneurysm demonstrated by ECG-gated multislice CT.
Circulation: 107(12) e80-1., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Hotz H., Dushe S., Enzweiler C.N., Wiese T.H., Kivelitz D.E., Rogalla P., Konertz W. & Hamm B.:
[Evaluation of passive cardiomyoplasty using left- and right-ventricular volume measurements by EBCT and MRI in patients with chronic congestive heart failure]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175 1086-92, Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Rogalla P., Mews J., Blobel J., Enzweiler C.N., Wiese T.H., Hermann K.G. & Hamm B.:
[Imaging of the coronary arteries by means of multislice helical CT: optimization of image quality with multisegmental reconstruction and variable gantry rotation time]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(6) 780-5., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Wiese T.H., Enzweiler C.N., Kivelitz D.E., Dushe S., Dohmen P.M., Borges A.C., Rogalla P. & Hamm B.:
Quantification of mitral valve regurgitation by left ventricular volume and flow measurements using electron beam computed tomography: comparison with magnetic resonance imaging.
J Comput Assist Tomo: 27(3) 385-91., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Niehues SM, Riechert FC, Lemke AJ.
[Erdheim-Chester disease: radiologic diagnosis]
Rofo. 2003 Jul;175(7):992-3. German. No abstract available.
PubMed Link

Puls R., Gebauer B., Hildebrandt B., Riess H., Herrmann M., Hosten N. & Albrecht T.:
Intraperitoneal distribution of ultrasound contrast medium imaged with B-mode ultrasound and colour-stimulated acoustic emission imaging.
Eur Radiol: 13(4) 695-9., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Puls R., Kröncke T.J., Klüner C., Gaffke G., Stroszczynski C., Albrecht T., Speck U. & Hamm B.:
Double contrast MRI of thermally ablated liver metastases.
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(11) 1467-70, Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Puls R., Stroszczynski C., Gaffke G., Hosten N., Felix R. & Speck U.:
Laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT) of liver metastases: MR-guided percutaneous insertion of an MRI-compatible irrigated microcatheter system using a closed high-field unit.
J Magn Reson Imaging: 17(6) 663-70, Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Rogalla P., Taupitz M. & Hamm B.:
Modern imaging modalities in renal disease: CT and MRI
Urologe A: 42(2) 187-96., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Rogalla P., Taupitz M. & Hamm B.:
Modern imaging modalities in renal disease: CT and MRI
Urologe A: 42(2) 187-96., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Scheel A.K., Netz J.U., Hermann K.G., Hielscher A.H., Klose A.D., Tresp V., Schwaighofer A., Müller G.A., Burmester G.R. & Backhaus M.:
Laser imaging techniques for follow-up analysis of joint inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Medical Laser Application: 13(3) 198-205, Jahr: "2003"

Schnorr J., Wagner S., Ebert W., Heyer C., Laub G., Kivelitz D., Abramjuk C., Hamm B. & Taupitz M.:
[MR angiography of the coronary arteries: comparison of the blood pool contrast medium Gadomer and Gd-DTPA in pigs]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(6) 822-9., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Taupitz M., Schmitz S. & Hamm B.:
[Superparamagnetic iron oxide particles: current state and future development]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 175(6) 752-65., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

Warmuth C., Gunther M. & Zimmer C.:
Quantification of blood flow in brain tumors: comparison of arterial spin labeling and dynamic susceptibility-weighted contrast-enhanced MR imaging.
Radiology: 228(2) 523-32., Jahr: "2003"
PubMed Link

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