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Jahrgang 2004 17.03.2018 

Jahrgang 2004

Chen W., Giger M.L., Lan L. & Bick U.:
Computerized interpretation of breast MRI: investigation of enhancement-variance dynamics.
Med Phys: 31(5) 1076-82, Jahr: "2004"
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Dewey M.:
Medizinische Dissertation: Auf die Betreuung kommt es an.
Deutsches Ärzteblatt: 101 A2370, Jahr: "2004"

Dewey M., Borges A.C., Kivelitz D., Taupitz M., Wagner S., Baumann G. & Hamm B.:
Coronary artery disease: new insights and their implications for radiology.
Eur Radiol: 14(6) 1048-54, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M. & Hamm B.:
[Comparison of the cost-effectiveness of the most common diagnostic methods for coronary artery disease]
Deut Med Wochenschr: 129(25-26) 1415-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Kaufels N., Laule M., Schnorr J., Raynaud J.S., Hamm B. & Taupitz M.:
Magnetic resonance imaging of myocardial perfusion and viability using a blood pool contrast agent.
Invest Radiol: 39(8) 498-505, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Kaufels N., Laule M., Schnorr J., Wagner S., Kivelitz D., Raynaud J.S., Robert P., Hamm B. & Taupitz M.:
Assessment of myocardial infarction in pigs using a rapid clearance blood pool contrast medium.
Magnet Reson Med: 51(4) 703-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Laule M., Krug L., Schnapauff D., Rogalla P., Rutsch W., Hamm B. & Lembcke A.:
Multisegment and halfscan reconstruction of 16-slice computed tomography for detection of coronary artery stenoses.
Invest Radiol: 39(4) 223-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Lembcke A., Enzweiler C., Hamm B. & Rogalla P.:
Isotropic half-millimeter angiography of coronary artery bypass grafts with 16-slice computed tomography.
Ann Thorac Surg: 77(3) 800-4, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Magid D., Wheeler P.S. & Hamm B.:
Aortopulmonary window or angle on the chest radiograph?
Am J Roentgenol: 182(4) 1085-6, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Richter W.S., Lembcke A., Hamm B. & Borges A.C.:
[Noninvasive diagnosis of coronary artery disease]
Med Klin: 99(2) 57-64, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M., Schnapauff D., Laule M., Lembcke A., Borges A.C., Rutsch W., Hamm B. & Rogalla P.:
Multislice CT coronary angiography: evaluation of an automatic vessel detection tool.
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 176(4) 478-83, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dewey M. & Taupitz M.:
Contrast-enhanced coronary MR angiography.
Radiology: 231(3) 924; author reply 924, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Diekmann F., Diekmann S., Beljavskaja M., Bick U., Taupitz M., Blohmer J.U., Winzer K.J. & Hamm B.:
[Preoperative MRT of the breast in invasive lobular carcinoma in comparison with invasive ductal carcinoma]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 176(4) 544-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Diekmann F., Diekmann S., Bollow M., Hermann K.G., Richter K., Heinlein P., Schneider W. & Hamm B.:
Evaluation of a wavelet-based computer-assisted detection system for identifying microcalcifications in digital full-field mammography.
Acta Radiol: 45(2) 136-41, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Diekmann F., Diekmann S., Richter K., Bick U., Fischer T., Lawaczeck R., Press W.R., Schön K., Weinmann H.J., Arkadiev V., Bjeoumikhov A., Langhoff N., Rabe J., Roth P., Tilgner J., Wedell R., Krumrey M., Linke U., Ulm G. & Hamm B.:
Near monochromatic X-rays for digital slot-scan mammography: initial findings.
Eur Radiol: 14(9) 1641-6, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Dreier J.P., Lürtzing F., Kappmeier M., Bohner G., Klingebiel R., Leistner S., Einhäupl K.M., Schielke E. & Valdueza J.M.:
Delayed occlusion after internal carotid artery dissection under heparin.
Cerebrovasc Dis: 18(4) 296-303, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Elgeti T., Lembcke A., Enzweiler C.N., Breitwieser C., Hamm B. & Kivelitz D.E.:
Comparison of electron beam computed tomography with magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of right ventricular volumes and function.
J Comput Assist Tomo: 28(5) 679-85, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Enzweiler C.N., Becker C.R., Brüning R., Felix R., Georgi M., Knollmann F.D., Lehmann K.J., Lembcke A., Reiser M.F., Rogalla P., Schoepf U.J., Taupitz M., Weisser G., Wiese T.H. & Hamm B.:
[Value of electron beam tomography (EBT)]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 176(11) 1566-75, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Enzweiler C.N., Becker C.R., Felix R., Georgi M., Knollmann F.D., Lehmann K.J., Lembcke A., Reiser M.F., Rogalla P., Taupitz M., Weisser G., Wiese T.H. & Hamm B.:
[Diagnostic value of electron-beam computed tomography (EBT). I. Cardiac applications]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 176(1) 27-36, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Enzweiler C.N., Lembcke A.E. & Hamm B.:
Electron beam tomography of an interpulmonary saddle embolus.
Heart: 90(1) 36, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Fischer T., Mühler M., Kröncke T.J., Lembcke A., Rudolph J., Diekmann F., Ebeling V., Thomas A., Greis C., Hamm B. & Filimonow S.:
Early postoperative ultrasound of kidney transplants: evaluation of contrast medium dynamics using time-intensity curves.
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 176(4) 472-7, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Gauruder-Burmester A., Kröncke T.J., Vorwerks D., Tunn R. & Hamm B.:
[Current state of uterine artery embolization for treating symptomatic leiomyomas of the uterus]
Zentralbl Gynakol: 126(6) 355-8, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Gedat E., Braun J., Sack I. & Bernarding J.:
Prospective registration of human head magnetic resonance images for reproducible slice positioning using localizer images.
J Magn Reson Imaging: 20(4) 581, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Hein P.A., Eskey C.J., Dunn J.F. & Hug E.B.:
Diffusion-weighted imaging in the follow-up of treated high-grade gliomas: tumor recurrence versus radiation injury.
Am J Neuroradiol: 25(2) 201-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Hermann K.G., Backhaus M., Schink T., Hamm B. & Bollow M.:
Arth Rheum/Ar C Res: 50(9) 3055, Jahr: "2004"

Hermann K.G. & Bollow M.:
Magnetic resonance imaging of the axial skeleton in rheumatoid disease.
Best Pract Res Cl Rh: 18(6) 881-907, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Hermann K.G., Braun J., Fischer T., Reisshauer H. & Bollow M.:
[Magnetic resonance tomography of sacroiliitis: anatomy, histological pathology, MR-morphology, and grading]
Radiologe: 44(3) 217-28, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Jahnke V. & Klingebiel R.:
[Pulse-synchronous tinnitus]
HNO: 52(5) 440-2, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Katchanov J., Lünemann J.D., Masuhr F., Becker D., Ahmadi M., Bösel J., Zschenderlein R., Bamborschke S. & Klingebiel R.:
Acute combined central and peripheral inflammatory demyelination.
J Neurol Neurosur Ps: 75(12) 1784-6, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Kivelitz D.E., Borges A.C., Walde T., Enzweiler C.N., Rutsch W., Baumann G. & Hamm B.:
[Evaluation of regional wall motion abnormalities of the heart--comparison with doppler tissue echocardiography, MR-tagging and levocardiography]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 176(9) 1237-44, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Kivelitz D.E., Mühler M., Rake A., Scheer I. & Chaoui R.:
MRI of cardiac rhabdomyoma in the fetus.
Eur Radiol: 14(8) 1513-6, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Koehler F. & Kivelitz D.:
Images in clinical medicine. A calcified pelvic mass.
New Engl J Med: 350(23) e21, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Kroencke T.J.:
Ovarian artery variant: another unexpected extrarenal condition that may affect donor nephrectomy.
Radiographics: 24(5) 1513-4; author reply 1513-4, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Kröncke T.J., Gauruder-Burmester A., Gronewold M., Lembcke A., Fischer T., Puls R., Juran R., Scheurig C., Neymeyer J. & Hamm B.:
[Technical success rate, peri-interventional complications and radiation exposure of the transarterial embolization for leiomyomas of the uterus]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 176(4) 580-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Borges A.C., Dohmen P.M., Hoffmann U., Hermann K.G., Kroencke T.J., Fischer T., Hamm B. & Enzweiler C.N.:
Quantification of functional mitral valve regurgitation in patients with congestive heart failure: comparison of electron-beam computed tomography with cardiac catheterization.
Invest Radiol: 39(12) 728-39, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Dushe S., Enzweiler C.N., Kloeters C., Wiese T.H., Hermann K.G., Hamm B. & Konertz W.F.:
Passive external cardiac constraint improves segmental left ventricular wall motion and reduces akinetic area in patients with non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy.
Eur J Cardio-Thorac: 25(1) 84-90, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Dushe S., Sonntag S., Kloeters C., Enzweiler C.N., Wiese T.H., Hamm B., Kleber F.X. & Konertz W.F.:
Changes in right ventricular dimensions and performance after passive cardiac containment.
Ann Thorac Surg: 78(3) 900-5, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Wiese T.H., Dushe S., Hotz H., Enzweiler C.N., Hamm B. & Konertz W.F.:
Effects of passive cardiac containment on left ventricular structure and function: verification by volume and flow measurements.
J Heart Lung Transpl: 23(1) 11-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Lembcke A., Wiese T.H., Schnorr J., Wagner S., Mews J., Kroencke T.J., Enzweiler C.N., Hamm B. & Taupitz M.:
Image quality of noninvasive coronary angiography using multislice spiral computed tomography and electron-beam computed tomography: intraindividual comparison in an animal model.
Invest Radiol: 39(6) 357-64, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Lemke A.J., Kazi I., Landeck L.M., Zaspel U., Hosten N. & Felix R.:
[Differential diagnosis of intraconal orbital masses using high-resolution MRI with surface coils in 78 patients]
Rofo-Fortschr Rontg: 176(10) 1436-46, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Lemke AJ, Niehues SM, Hosten N, Amthauer H, Boehmig M, Stroszczynski C, Rohlfing T, Rosewicz S, Felix R.
Retrospective digital image fusion of multidetector CT and 18F-FDG PET: clinical value in pancreatic lesions--a prospective study with 104 patients.
J Nucl Med. 2004 Aug;45(8):1279-86
PubMed Link

Lemke AJ, Schurig-Urbaniak AM, Liebig T, Niehues SM, Haberl H, Lehmann TN, Felix R.
[Virtual MR endoscopy of the ventricles prior to neurosurgical interventional endoscopy -- evaluation of different presentation techniques]
Rofo. 2004 Aug;176(8):1106-13. German.
PubMed Link

Lemke AJ, Niehues SM, Amthauer H, Rohlfing T, Hosten N, Felix R.
[Clinical use of digital retrospective image fusion of CT, MRI, FDG-PET and SPECT -- fields of indications and results]
Rofo. 2004 Dec;176(12):1811-8. German.
PubMed Link

Niehues SM, Fröhlich M, Felix R, Lemke AJ.
[Digital knowledge in the coat pocket -- hand-held personal digital assistants in radiology]
Rofo. 2004 Dec;176(12):1819-25. German.
PubMed Link

Mühler M.R., Rake A., Schwabe M., Chaoui R., Heling K.S., Planke C., Lembcke A., Fischer T. & Kivelitz D.:
Truncus arteriosus communis in a midtrimester fetus: comparison of prenatal ultrasound and MRI with postmortem MRI and autopsy.
Eur Radiol: - -, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Petzold G.C., Valdueza J.M. & Zimmer C.:
Cerebral metastasis of renal carcinoma mimicking venous haemorrhagic infarction
J Neurol Neurosur Ps: 75(3) 477, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Rogalla N., Wauer R. & Rogalla P.:
Images in cardiovascular medicine. Dynamic assessment of tracheal stenosis due to double aortic arch using low-dose, 16-slice computed tomography.
Circulation: 109(22) e308-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Rogalla P. & Juran R.:
[CT fluoroscopy]
Radiologe: 44(7) 671-5, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Rogalla P., Klüner C. & Taupitz M.:
[Ultra-low-dose CT to search for stones in kidneys and collecting system]
Aktuel Urol: 35(4) 307-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Rudolph J., Rodenwaldt J., Ruhnke M., Hamm B. & Kopka L.:
Unusual enhancement pattern of liver lesions in hepatosplenic candidiasis.
Acta Radiol: 45(5) 499-503, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Sack I., Gedat E., Bernarding J., Buntkowsky G. & Braun J.:
Magnetic resonance elastography and diffusion-weighted imaging of the sol/gel phase transition in agarose.
J Magn Reson: 166(2) 252-61, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Sack I., McGowan C.K., Samani A., Luginbuhl C., Oakden W. & Plewes D.B.:
Observation of nonlinear shear wave propagation using magnetic resonance elastography.
Magnet Reson Med: 52(4) 842, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Schellenberger E.A., Reynolds F., Weissleder R. & Josephson L.:
Surface-functionalized nanoparticle library yields probes for apoptotic cells.
Chembiochem: 5(3) 275-9, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Schellenberger E.A., Sosnovik D., Weissleder R. & Josephson L.:
Magneto/optical annexin V, a multimodal protein.
Bioconjugate Chem: 15(5) 1062-7, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Schellenberger E.A., Weissleder R. & Josephson L.:
Optimal modification of annexin V with fluorescent dyes.
Chembiochem: 5(3) 271-4, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Schnorr J., Wagner S., Abramjuk C., Wojner I., Schink T., Kroencke T.J., Schellenberger E., Hamm B., Pilgrimm H. & Taupitz M.:
Comparison of the iron oxide-based blood-pool contrast medium VSOP-C184 with gadopentetate dimeglumine for first-pass magnetic resonance angiography of the aorta and renal arteries in pigs.
Invest Radiol: 39(9) 546-53, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Schreiber S.J., Doepp F., Bohner G. & Valducza J.M.:
Severe hypercapnia mimicking hypoxic brain edema on cerebral CT.
Am J Roentgenol: 183(3) 865-866, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Speck U., Scheller B., Abramjuk C., Grossmann S., Mahnkopf D. & Simon O.:
Inhibition of restenosis in stented porcine coronary arteries: uptake of Paclitaxel from angiographic contrast media.
Invest Radiol: 39(3) 182-6, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Taupitz M., Beyersdorff D. & Rogalla P.:
[Cross-section diagnosis of tumors of the kidney and prostate gland: CT and MRI]
Aktuel Urol: 35(4) 297-306, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Taupitz M., Wagner S., Schnorr J., Kravec I., Pilgrimm H., Bergmann-Fritsch H. & Hamm B.:
Phase I clinical evaluation of citrate-coated monocrystalline very small superparamagnetic iron oxide particles as a new contrast medium for magnetic resonance imaging.
Invest Radiol: 39(7) 394-405, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Wiese T.H., Rogalla P., Taupitz M., Wagner S., Schnorr J., Mews J., Enzweiler C.N., Hermann K.G., Hamm B. & Lembcke A.:
Assessment of left ventricular volumes and function: intraindividual comparison of multi-slice spiral CT and electron beam CT in an animal model.
Acta Radiol: 45(8) 819-27, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

Zaspel U., Denning D.W., Lemke A.J., Greene R., Schürmann D., Maschmeyer G., Ruhnke M., Herbrecht R., Ribaud P., Lortholary O., Zonderland H., Rabe K.F., Röttgen R., Bittner R., Neumann K. & Oestmann J.W.:
Diagnosis of IPA in HIV: the role of the chest X-ray and radiologist.
Eur Radiol: 14(11) 2030-7, Jahr: "2004"
PubMed Link

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