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Ein Stapel medizinischer Bücher.

Medical Thesis in the Department of Radiology

Welcome. We are happy that you are considering pursuing a doctoral degree in radiology. As university radiologists, we are particularly committed to supporting junior researchers.

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Information for Doctoral Candidates

With its broad range of research opportunities, the Department of Radiology is an excellent place for writing a medical thesis. If you are interested in doing research for a medical thesis in radiology but have no clear idea yet, write an e-mail to rad-wimi(at) If you already have a topic in mind, you can directly contact a scientist from the respective area or research group ( “Research”  in main menu). Most doctoral thesis projects in our department require good English language and computer skills. 

The Charité Promotionskolleg  ( – was founded and is chaired by Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey and his team of Tutors and counsels and assists candidates in finding a suitable topic for their medical thesis and holds weekend workshops teaching useful basic skills for doing doctoral research and writing a medical thesis. Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the tutors or Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey in case of any questions or suggestions.

When getting in touch, it may be useful to attach a CV and motivational letter.

We wish you much success.

Research Exchange Program with Yale School of Medicine

Advanced medical students (end of third year or later) with an interest in interventional radiology can apply for a research stay of 6 to 12 months’ duration in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging of Yale School of Medicine. Exchange student benefit from close monitoring throughout their stay.

Our exchange program with Yale offers highly motivated students a unique opportunity to do clinical and experimental research at one of the world’s leading centers of interventional radiology. Applicants should be motivated to work hard and participate in cutting-edge research and publish their results in high-ranking journals or present them at international congresses. The group in Yale is led by Dr. Julius Chapiro. We hope that this cooperation between Yale and the Charité attracts medical students to the field of interventional radiology. Ideally, participants will start working on a project of their own and then write a medical thesis in interventional radiology after their return to Berlin.

For suitable candidates, we are offering a wide range of research opportunities for medical thesis projects with comprehensive supervision and mentoring.

We are seeking above-average and highly motivated medical students pursuing their interests already during and beyond the prescribed study curriculum. We value initiative, discipline, a creative mind, and a great willingness to work hard and keep learning. This program is not for those who want a nine-to-five job or who wish to study abroad because it looks good in a CV.

Travel grants for the exchange program are available from the Rolf W. Günther Foundation, and candidates can additionally apply for financial support from other organizations such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). We assist students selected for the program with organization of their stay in Yale.

This is an ongoing exchange program. Exchange stays in Yale start in March or September each year. Before going to Yale, students are expected to do an internship in the Department of Radiology of the Charité, during which they will get involved in small research projects of the department’s interventional radiology section.  

For information on current research in interventional radiology at the Charité please visit the website of the MITT (Minimally Invasive Tumor Therapies) Lab.

Interested? Please send your application including:

Motivational letter (one or two pages outlining experience, rewards, plans, etc.)
Tabulated CV
ECTS certificate of exams passed (HIS printout, grades optional)
Send your application with your documents attached as a pdf to: 

Bernhard Gebauer
Cc to:
Lynn-Jeanette Savic
Florian Fleckenstein

Dissertations in the European DISCHARGE Trial Group

DISCHARGE is a collaborative multinational research project focusing on cardiac imaging. The first results were published in NEJM and BMJ.

Together with our network of 31 members in 18 European states we offer medical dissertation projects using data from the DISCHARGE trial. Let us know if you are interested in more information.

Core of the project is a pragmatic randomised controlled trial which includes 26 clinical sites from 16 European countries. The project examines for which patients with suspected coronary artery disease based on stable chest pain, cardiac computed tomography (CT) or cardiac catheterisation is best suited and is based on the single-centre experience with the CAD-Man study at Charité conducted by Group Dewey.

DISCHARGE will influence current standards and guidelines in cardiac imaging as well as coverage decisions and will raise awareness among patients, health care providers, and decision-makers in Europe about the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of cardiac CT. The project is funded by the European Commission and is coordinated by the Department of Radiology of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (coordinator: Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey).

DISCHARGE trial has published its main analyses in NEJM and BMJ.

We accept applications from MD and PhD doctoral students for positions in our group and the DISCHARGE trial, please do not hesitate to make contact with a movation letter and your CV using dewey(at) or